Bloody Lane – A General d’Armee battle

It's been a while since we had a game, so we decided to take advantage of a school holiday and try our hand at another General d'Armee battle. We disturbed the third member of our little project on his honeymoon, and had him author secret objectives for each side. Welcoming the chance to try out... Continue Reading →

A return to the hobby, a new project and Citadel Contrast paints

After a long break, I return to historicals, and I have exciting news. We've finally decided on a common project which we're all chipping in for. We bought £200 worth of miniatures from Newline Designs, and are portioning out the individual brigades among each other. We try to have bi weekly meetings, set a painting... Continue Reading →

La Haye Sainte in the mail

I ordered something big! I found a shop in my country with all sets of Italeri/Sarissa's La Haye Sainte in 1:72. The internet informed me that 1:72 was 20mm, but I'm not too impressed with the comparison between Italeri's plastic soldiers and my Newline 20mm guys. The farm itself looks to be passable compared to... Continue Reading →

Progress so far

My Napoleonic painting spree started a couple of years ago, but general painting fatigue, and a baby, got in the way a bit. Since then I got a second wind in late spring, and when the going gets a bit tough, it can be nice to get an overview of what you've actually accomplished. It... Continue Reading →

Hanoverian militia update 

Another thing I finished recently are these Hanoverian militia. They're part of the 5th Hanoverian Infantry Brigade, of which I've already painted the first battalion for. They're much more generic than proper line troops, so don't have specialised flank companies. Still, a company would probably have been ordered to make a skirmish line in front... Continue Reading →

British Guards

During the battle of Waterloo, a brigade of British Guards were sent to reinforce the line behind La Haye Sainte, when the French pressed that sector. So of course I decided to use that as an excuse to paint some! I was a bit disappointed when I found out the differences in uniform were minute,... Continue Reading →

French reinforcements

The Frenchies have started to arrive! My gaming buddy has a small French force, but I felt like adding to it. Both so I would have a larger force to fight against, but also to get the core of a French force of my own, in case I wanted to play without him. Or we... Continue Reading →


I wanted to write up a piece about my British foot artillery because I'm so very much in love with rare earth magnets, and have been magnetising as much as I could, after I found out they existed. Problem was, this is very easy when playing WW2 war games, where every little turret can be... Continue Reading →


A couple of days ago, I finished a battalion of Hanoverian militia, to go with the one I painted two years ago. Finally they could have a proper, albeit small, brigade. At that point I ran into a new problem that I haven't had to deal with before: skirmishers. Black Powder rules are very basic... Continue Reading →

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